Menopause – A Functional Medicine Approach

“Menopause” can be an ugly word for some women for a number of reasons. Menopause typically occurs around 50 years of age, a time when most women are confident and content with their life. Unfortunately, all too often, this change in a woman’s life can be very miserable. Nowadays, menopause is accompanied by hot flashes, […]

Premenstrual Syndrome – Women’s Health Issues

Tired of yelling at your family every month? Having increased food binges, depression during menstruation? Suffering from headaches, back pain, breast tenderness, cramps and face breakouts? Are you concerned with side effects of hormone therapy or other PMS medication? How many women have had some type of medication to alleviate PMS that has not helped, […]

Symptoms of Thyroid Disorders

Tired of worrying about the negative side effects of long-term medication? Tired of taking thyroid medication for the rest of your life? What if there’s another answer, what if your body can stop the symptoms of thyroid disorders on its own? Functional thyroid disorders are very common and generally overlooked in today’s healthcare model. Most […]

Hormones – Modifiable Factors of Aging

The most important way to balance hormones which is a modifiable factor of aging is to balance everything else. Hormones are very delicate by nature. For example: too little thyroid hormone will result in lower metabolism, fatigue. Too much hormone will result in feeling jittery, insomnia, and in extreme cases cardiac arrest. Too little estrogen […]