Alternative Medicine to Help Your Body Heal Itself

Our health is our most important attribute. Without it, we can’t do much else in life. Staying healthy can be a challenge and we can’t predict or control if or when we get sick. However, there are things we can do to improve our quality of life. Medical science is helpful for injuries and illness, […]

Why Lack of Sleep May Cause Weight Gain

If you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight, counting sheep is just as important as counting carbs or weight repetitions at the gym. Because, while physical activity and a balanced diet are key factors, sleep may be the most overlooked aspect of your weight management plan. Can you sleep your way to your dream body? […]

Living with Autism – A Functional Medicine Approach

The typical approach to dealing with any ailment is to label it. Once it’s labeled, the disease and its treatment can be conveniently categorized and not given a second thought. Functional medicine, on the other hand, approaches symptoms, treatment and people differently. A holistic view helps to treat even the most debilitating symptoms. Functional medicine […]

Why Supplements Are Important

Did you take your vitamins today? Do you know if you’re taking the ones that your body needs? Nearly half of Americans are taking vitamins and supplements on a daily basis and spend over $28 million dollars a year for nutritional supplements. We’ve been told that our food supply is lacking in essential nutrients and […]

Physical Exam – A Functional Medicine Approach

Annual physical exams generally start at birth with wellness visits throughout childhood. Once a person reaches adulthood, however, they may or may not follow-up with their physician if they feel healthy. Physical exams are still important for the following reasons: Maintenance of a healthy lifestyle Early screening of disease or illness Assess risk of future […]

Autoimmune disease

Autoimmune Disease – A Functional Medicine Approach

Autoimmune disease occurs when inflammation causes the body’s immune system to attack a healthy system or tissues by mistake. These diseases are the most prevalent chronic illnesses in the country, epidemically affecting more than 24 million Americans. General practitioners and other conventional doctors are not trained to find and treat the causes of these diseases. […]

Top Ten Anti-Aging Factors

At the Functional Medicine Center, we believe that once the underlying factors causing your chronic health problems are addressed, then you will be able to achieve optimal health. We refer to these factors as the ten modifiable factors of aging. Blood Sugar Detoxification Inflammation Methylation Chronic Stress Mitochondria Function Immune System Food Sensitivities Hormones Digestion […]

Menopause – A Functional Medicine Approach

“Menopause” can be an ugly word for some women for a number of reasons. Menopause typically occurs around 50 years of age, a time when most women are confident and content with their life. Unfortunately, all too often, this change in a woman’s life can be very miserable. Nowadays, menopause is accompanied by hot flashes, […]

Breast Cancer – Women’s Health Issues

Breast cancer are two words that send fear through the hearts of most women today. How do we stop this fear? First, we need to understand the processes that lead up to the diagnosis rather than focus on the disease process alone after the diagnosis. Most of the top disease specialists around the world agree […]

Weight Loss – Women’s Health Issue

One of the biggest health concerns in America today is the obesity epidemic that is affecting young and old people alike. America is one of the unhealthiest nations in the world and obesity has a direct and indirect connection to almost every known chronic disease we suffer today. Most women focus on dieting for weight […]