Premenstrual Syndrome – Women’s Health Issues

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Premenstrual Syndrome – Women’s Health Issues

Tired of yelling at your family every month?
Having increased food binges, depression during menstruation?
Suffering from headaches, back pain, breast tenderness, cramps and face breakouts?
Are you concerned with side effects of hormone therapy or other PMS medication?

How many women have had some type of medication to alleviate PMS that has not helped, helped very little or made you worse and gave you other unwanted side effects, such as weight gain? Did you know that your hormones are just reacting to their environment? Did you know that your hormones are not the primary cause of PMS and that they are downstream from the problem?

This means hormones can be adjusted naturally if we understand what stresses in your life are causing them to react in a negative way. This may mean we don’t have to use anything to directly adjust your hormones. Instead of looking for a disease process with PMS, we look at functional imbalances in your body that would impact your hormone balance negatively. Some examples may include blood sugar handling disorders, high insulin, high cortisol, mental/emotional stress, and digestive issues. Once this is determined, we at Functional Medicine Center begin to fix these problems naturally and let your body restore normal hormone levels and ratios on its own.

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