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Brain & Eye Health (RightEye)

Using advanced, eye-tracking technology, the RightEye system uncovers issues that an observation-only exam cannot. This advancement is game-changing: it’s now possible to pinpoint vision and brain health issues, identify the root cause of reading problems and improve athletic performance. All from a five-minute test.

Functional Vision Screening

Our world is far from static. From driving a car to staying balanced on stairs and beyond, life’s most basic activities require a complex range of dynamic vision skills—skills that an eye chart cannot measure alone. RightEye Brain Health EyeQ™ uncovers functional vision issues and automatically recommends computer-based exercises for patients to do at home.

Reading Assessment

One in four children has a vision problem that affects learning–a vision problem that is often misinterpreted as disinterest, sleepiness, dyslexia or ADHD. Reading EyeQ™ tests enable you to easily uncover vision problems that are frequently misidentified as learning disabilities. RightEye precisely records how the child is reading and delivers the information in a clear, easy-to-read format.


Sports Vision Assessment

Almost 80% of perceptual input is visual. But even 20/20 vision does not mean athletes are performing at their peak. Just because they can see clearly doesn’t mean they can ascertain where an object is in space, how fast it’s traveling or if it’s changing direction. Sports Vision EyeQ™ identifies opportunities to strengthen performance-related aspects of vision.

EyeQ Trainer

The purpose of the EyeQ Trainer is to improve vision skills where dysfunction was identified after testing with Functional Vision EyeQ. The program:

  • Trains all 12 muscles of the eye
  • Rehabilitates all 6 movement systems of the eye
  • Promotes positive plasticity in those neural substrates that support claims 1 and 2

BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis)

Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) estimates body composition by measuring the body’s electrical current.

Scale weight is not an indicator of an individual’s fat, lean or health.

Body composition is the amount of lean tissue compared to fat. Body composition data can form the basis for a wide variety of therapeutic health and fitness prescriptions. In clinical applications body composition analysis along with non-pharmacologic nutrition and exercise prescriptions provide the foundation upon which further treatment is based. Only body composition analysis can determine how much muscle and fat are lost or gained as the result of any nutrition, exercise, or pharmaceutical prescription.

How am I tested?

The process is very simple. With you lying down on our table, we attach two electrodes and patient cables to your right hand and right foot. We record your measurements from the analyzer and your part is done. After that, we enter these measurements along with your height, weight, and age into our software to determine your body composition.

I’ve done this before at my gym. How are the results different?

1) If you’re standing, like at a gym, your bodily fluids can’t be properly analyzed. Our machine analyzes you lying down, which insures your bodily fluids are settled and you are relaxed. 2) Your body’s electrical current isn’t as accurate if you’re holding onto something like at the gym due to metal conductivity. 3) If you’re standing on something or holding something, you’re only getting a read on that part of the body instead of all of it.

What are the long-term benefits of a good body composition subscription?

The ability to (1) analyze body composition data interactively, (2) create prescriptions for change and (3) visualize the effectiveness of those prescriptions and professional recommendations with projected and historical graphs helps increase motivation for positive change. The ultimate outcome is improved health and increased longevity!

Laboratory Testing

Blood Work Analysis
You must pay us either in office or over the phone to order blood work. You will then receive a requisition form, which you can take to any LabCorp in the area. It is recommended that you fast for at least 8 hours and avoid exercise before drawing blood. Our office usually receives your results within a day.

At the Functional Medicine & Wellness Center in Flower Mound, TX, we use outside laboratories to help us to determine what’s going on in an individual’s body, so we can make the appropriate changes to correct the underlying cause of their health problems.

When looking at blood work, conventional medicine will compare your ranges to an overall average and then proceed to diagnose a disease. However, functional medicine looks at blood work differently in that it tries to assess the risk before a disease can even develop.

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