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Blood Work Analysis

You must pay us either in office or over the phone to order blood work. You will then receive a requisition form, which you can take to any LabCorp in the area. It is recommended that you fast for at least 8 hours and avoid exercise before drawing blood. Our office usually receives your results within a day.

At the Functional Medicine & Wellness Center, we use outside laboratories to help us to determine what’s going on in an individual’s body, so we can make the appropriate changes to correct the underlying cause of their health problems.

When looking at blood work, conventional medicine will compare your ranges to an overall average and then proceed to diagnose a disease. However, functional medicine looks at blood work differently in that it tries to assess the risk before a disease can even develop.

Dr. Ozzie reviews a patient’s blood work. This is the wellness panel we offer in-office.

Food Allergy Testing

Please call if you are interested in an allergy test. There are different arrays that test multiple things and vary in price. You must pay us either in office or over the phone to order one. We will give you a collection kit in office or ship it to you, which you will then use and mail to Cyrex.

Dr. Ozzie discusses the delayed onset of food allergies.

For more information on laboratory testing, check out our blog and video library.


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