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Nutritional Therapy

We know that Americans are missing important vitamins and nutrition in the on-the-go/convenience lifestyle of today. Even if you take the time to buy healthy foods and cook at home, it is true that our food supply is lacking in the essentials that keep us living a long life. Vitamin deficiencies are harmful and can lead to disease.

Functional Medicine - Allergy vs Sensitivity

But many people today feel overwhelmed by the great amount of new and sometimes contradictory information available on diet and nutrition. Functional medicine offers a personalized, whole body, patient-centered approach to healing. Instead of a broad sweeping diagnosis and prescription of vitamins, we will examine you to determine if you’re in need of nutritional supplements. You may also be given other lifestyle strategies to tone down inflammation and imbalance in the body and bring about optimal health. This comprehensive approach to treatment brings the patient and doctor together as a partnership to impact the functionality of the body.

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