Allysa -Soccer Athlete

“I started seeing Dr. Ozzie because of some serious sports injuries that occurred. I am a soccer player and injured my hamstring, knee, and broke my wrist; Dr. Ozzie helped me recover and now I’m feeling better than ever. I continuously notice huge improvements in my sport, he has been a life saver through the 5 years I’ve been seeing him. I also unexpectedly have healed my eczema, it took about 4 months but its vanished! I would definitely  recommend him to family and friends!


“I have been seeing Dr. Ozzie for 3 years, When I first came to his office I was exhausted and depressed from feeling so bad for so long. I had been to my M.D. and another chiropractor and knew from blood tests that I was gluten intolerant but my M.D. put me on synthroid and it made me sicker. Dr. Ozzie ordered blood tests and a stool sample test. When the results came back he sat with me and explained everything thoroughly. After a few weeks of adjustments and a few supplements I started feeling much better. Dr. Ozzie truly cares about me and my total health, emotional, and physical. I am so thankful that a co-worker referred him to me. I have referred many of my family members and friends. He helped my 1 year old grand daughter recover from ear infections and she began to walk! Go see Dr. Ozzie! You will not regret it! 


“My initial appointment revealed a dairy and oat allergy, as well as a bacterial infection which explained my inflammation, low energy, bloated feeling, joint pain, and overall feeling miserable! Once Dr. Ozzie muscle tested me and added certain supplements into my diet, as well as taking his advice, lowering my sugar intake, my inflammation, and yeast problem improved dramatically! I no longer experienced joint pain, no more bloat, my energy level increased and the weight loss followed! I went from miserable to now being happy and feeling back to myself again! Thank you Dr. Ozzie! I recommend you to everyone!”


When Davis was 6-months-old, he began to have chronic ear infections. He had two tube surgeries and removed adenoids before he was 2-years-old. Before seeing Dr. Ozzie, Davis was on Singulair for asthma and allergies, inhalers, steroids, and Benedryl. On Labor Day 2010, Davis coughed so hard he could hardly breathe. I knew the medicines weren’t working. I took Davis to Dr. Ozzie, who first ordered a saliva test. The results came back showing that Davis had dairy & egg allergies. We immediately removed dairy and eggs from Davis’ diet and began to see Dr. Ozzie regularly to remove the toxins that had built up for 2 years from all his sicknesses. Within two weeks, we saw an immediate difference in our son. He no longer coughed all night and he no longer had dark circles under his eyes. He sleeps more now than he ever has at night. It is a blessing to finally have our healthy son back!!


I came to see Dr. Ozzie seven months ago for alternative treatment of my stomach pain (Crohn’s) and shoulder pain. After a blood test and adrenal test, he was able to quickly identify issues with inflammation and provided supplements and his guidance on cutting out dairy, shellfish and red meat out of my diet (inflammatory foods). Now after seven months, I am feeling better than ever – no more shoulder pain and my Crohn’s Disease symptoms have dramatically decreased, so that it’s more manageable than ever. Thank you Dr. Ozzie!!

Ever since I can remember I suffered from allergies throughout the year – when the seasons changed, when it rained, when I cleaned my house, etc. I was always susceptible to catching colds at school and at work too. I remember always having a full stock of allergy and cold medicines in my cabinet. Finally, I was introduced to Dr. Ozzie five years ago. And since being treated by Dr. Ozzie, I have not once taken a sick day from work! I feel great and when my coworkers are sick, I don’t worry about catching whatever ailment they have. To this day, I continue to visit Dr. Ozzie at least twice a week to maintain my good health.


Throughout my entire pregnancy, I saw Dr. Ozzie once a week for nutritional therapy and chiropractic adjustments. I carried full term and delivered my baby at home without any complications. After my little girl was born, Dr. Ozzie became her primary pediatric physician. Whenever her nanny or playmates came down with a sickness, Dr. Ozzie would adjust her to boost her immune system to fight off infections. At a very early age, he detected that she had a dairy allergy. She just turned 3, she’s in daycare and I’m very proud to brag that my child has never been sick! We still visit Dr. Ozzie on a monthly basis.


Although I have celiac, my stomach was doing well up until about 8 mounths ago on the gluten free diet. I don’t know what triggered the change but I wasn’t digesting anything properly. I tried all kinds of elimination diets to no avail. Then I met Dr. Ozzie. He sent me for a blood test which told me exactly which foods were aggravating my intestines. Dr. Ozzie stated I had something called “CROSS REACTIVITY” to other foods. He stated many Celiacs have this and dont know it! After eliminating those foods and adding some digestive aids, I am back to normal. I’m really grateful to him for giving me the tools for wellness.