Why We Should Take Supplements

Did you take your vitamins today? Do you know if you’re taking the ones that your body needs? Nearly half of Americans are taking vitamins and supplements on a daily basis and spend over $28 million dollars a year for nutritional supplements. We’ve been told that our food supply is lacking in essential nutrients and […]

Blood Work Analysis – A Functional Medicine Approach

Annual blood work exams are an important part of a physical exam. Blood tests go a long way to prevent disease and offer insight into functional imbalance. Externally a person may appear to be healthy but internally, the blood work analysis will tell the tale even clearer. Conventional Blood Work During a typical conventional physical […]

Physical Exam – A Functional Medicine Approach

Annual physical exams generally start at birth with wellness visits throughout childhood. Once a person reaches adulthood, however, they may or may not follow-up with their physician if they feel healthy. Physical exams are still important for the following reasons: Maintenance of a healthy lifestyle Early screening of disease or illness Assess risk of future […]