Physical Exam – A Functional Medicine Approach

Annual physical exams generally start at birth with wellness visits throughout childhood. Once a person reaches adulthood, however, they may or may not follow-up with their physician if they feel healthy. Physical exams are still important for the following reasons: Maintenance of a healthy lifestyle Early screening of disease or illness Assess risk of future […]

Neck Pain and Headaches

Neck pain and headaches are the most common and most successful things chiropractors treat. Any type of pain or headache can be a sign of a toxicity. Another trigger, especially with migraine headaches, can be caused by a food intolerance. It is stated that 90% of all migraine sufferers have a dairy allergy. It has […]

Back Pain and Sciatica

Any type of joint problem is caused by muscle dysfunction. Muscles move bones not the other way around. It is most important to diagnose the weak or inhibited muscle as opposed to the painful muscle if we want to fix the actual problem. All too often doctors like to chase the pain rather than look […]