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Neck Pain and Headaches

Neck pain and headaches are the most common and most successful things chiropractors treat.

Any type of pain or headache can be a sign of a toxicity. Another trigger, especially with migraine headaches, can be caused by a food intolerance. It is stated that 90% of all migraine sufferers have a dairy allergy. It has been my experience that if a migraine sufferer can withdraw from dairy for at least eight weeks and get past the first few days of withdrawal symptoms, they will see a significant decrease, , in the intensity, frequency and duration of their migraines. In some cases this is the answer to the problem and the migraines will stop completely and as long as the patient stays away from dairy the headaches will never return.

To assist in the process of withdrawing any food intolerance from the body, we encourage detoxification[1]. Any and all raw organic fruits and vegetables with organic lean sources of protein will help promote detoxification. In addition to a lean diet, one can also utilize shower-hydrotherapy, saunas, dry skin brushing, bathing in Epson salts as well as other baths that can be found on my website under home detoxification ideas.

Another major stress that can induce neck pain and headaches is structural stress. I have seen numerous times over the last 10 years patients who have had a physical trauma happen to them some time in their life, such as a car wreck or a sporting accident, that is the sole reason for their neck pain and headaches. Many times these traumes go untreated or not properly treated and proper joint and muscle function is not restored which leads to your pain and headaches. There are numerous receptors in the shoulders, neck, jaw, and cranial bones that can lead to neck pain and headaches when not stimulated correctly. There are many techniques we use in our office to gently and easily restore proper motion thereby regulating the stimulation of these receptors. A lot of people may not realize it but any problem with jaw motion can lead to pain. If you have been told that you grind your teeth by your dentist or if your jaw pops, clicks or locks up, you have a jaw problem that may be leading to your pain or headaches and we can help.

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