Back Pain and Sciatica

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Back Pain and Sciatica

Any type of joint problem is caused by muscle dysfunction. Muscles move bones not the other way around. It is most important to diagnose the weak or inhibited muscle as opposed to the painful muscle if we want to fix the actual problem. All too often doctors like to chase the pain rather than look for the cause and fix the problem. In the majority of cases the painful muscle or joint is not the problem, it is a result of the problem. How many of you have seen a medical doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist or massage therapist only to have the pain disappear for a few days or weeks and then come right back. This is because they focused on the pain and not the cause.

Applied Kinesiology (AK), an advanced technique in chiropractic, focuses on the weak or inhibited muscle, finds the cause and removes it when possible and repairs the damage. The AK process works towards taking the pain and discomfort away permanently with less trips to your doctor.

Specifically, with the low back and Sciatica, I always find an imbalance with the psoas muscle that attaches to certain disks of the spine. With this imbalance these disks are the most often herniated. What pulls them from correct position is the imbalance in the psoas muscle. Adjust the psoas muscle correctly and you fix the herniated disc and sciatica.

Another major problem that most people don’t consider is constipation that leads to toxicity and inflammation. In fact, anything that causes toxicity or inflammation can lead to low back pain or sciatica. The disc mainly consists of water and has limited room to expand. Too much inflammation caused by toxicity will eventually cause pain and push on something it shouldn’t, like the sciatic nerve. Constipation in my definition is if you don’t move your bowls at least once to twice a day without straining, everyday.

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