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Weight Loss

One of the biggest health concerns in America today is the obesity epidemic that is affecting young and old people alike. America is one of the unhealthiest nations in the world and obesity has a direct and indirect connection to almost every known chronic disease we suffer today. Most women focus on dieting for weight loss. However, the constant complaint about most diets is we lose the weight, but it comes back as soon as we stop dieting, and in many instances, we gain more weight than what was lost. Now, there are surgical procedures for becoming thinner, which in some cases may be necessary and even life-saving, but in the majority of cases surgeries set you up for other debilitating or life-threatening disease processes. By only concentrating on your weight and becoming skinnier, diets fail in the long run. The primary focus for weight loss is body composition. Body composition is the ratio of muscle, fat, and water. It is impossible to sustain weight loss when we increase fat and decrease muscle and proper body water.

This process happens with all diets on the market today and is the reason they fail. At the Functional Medicine & Wellness Center, we use modern diagnostic testing to make sure you are losing fat, not muscle and water. What does this mean to you? With more muscle mass, your metabolism increases and constantly burns calories at a very high rate. With less muscle and water and increased fat, your metabolism is much slower, burning calories at a slower rate. At the Functional Medicine & Wellness Center, we use BIA testing that measures your body composition. Once this is calculated, Dr. Ozzie will provide a natural wellness program to help you lose weight.

Dr. Ozzie discusses weight loss programs.

Environmental Toxicity

A major contributing factor to obesity is environmental toxicity. If you are toxic, your body will increase the fat to store the toxins causing you to gain more fat. Remember, more fat = slower metabolism. You may work out all the time and have a healthy diet but still can’t lose weight. Why? Because your body is toxic. If you are too toxic you cannot burn fat because the toxins will enter your bloodstream and make you very sick. The body’s wisdom is to minimize its ability to burn fat preventing you from losing weight. How do you fix this issue? Detox naturally at the Functional Medicine & Wellness Center. Another reason for obesity is due to increased stress which raises your cortisol levels which in turn slows down your fat burning potential. There could be a number of reasons why you may not be able to lose weight. At the Functional Medicine & Wellness Center, we focus on the individual patient and determine what their issues are and fix them naturally so that you can be happy with your natural self.


Dr. Ozzie discusses the different types of diets.

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