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About Dr. Ozzie

Dr. Ozzie talks about his education and chiropractic and medical training.

Dr. Ozzie shares how the Catholic theology about the body impacts healing.

Adrenal Fatigue

Dr. Ozzie talks about adrenal exhaustion and stress.


Dr. Ozzie talks about airborne allergies, pollen, mold, and pollutants.

Dr. Ozzie discusses delayed food allergies.


Dr. Ozzie discusses how to improve athletic performance.


Dr. Ozzie talks about how to help children with autism.


Dr. Ozzie shares why it is important to restore correct function in new and old injured areas.

Dr. Ozzie explains the importance of cranial-sacral adjustments to your overall health.

Dr. Ozzie describes the different chiropractic balancing tools.


Dr. Ozzie discusses insulin, diabetes, and inflammation.


Dr. Ozzie explains how the cross crawl exercise balances the functioning of your brain hemispheres.

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