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Energize Your Health Journey with Essential Oils!

Essential oils are oils distilled from plants. There are a variety of oils out there with their own unique smells and uses. They can be used topically or through diffusion, depending on the oil. Young Living carries the best essential oils on the market, always ensuring their products are naturally sourced, nontoxic, and top quality.

How to Get Started

Register your account with Young Living directly and get the support and guidance you need from Dr. Ozzie while getting a full line of healthy and non-toxic products shipped directly to you.

  1. Go to and click “Become a Member”.
  2. Choose the default “Member” for the 24% discount or retail pricing.
  3. If it asks for Sponsor and Enroller number, use #17015696 – this allows us to help you with your products and account.
  4. Choose the Premium Starter Kit and the Dewdrop or Desert Mist diffuser for $165 plus tax and shipping, or choose an upgraded diffuser, like the Rainstone for $205 total or the Aria for $265 total.
  5. Choose any other products you wish to complete your order. If Dr. Ozzie or Emily has recommended a health plan, add the first month’s products to an Essential Rewards order to get them shipped to you monthly and get bonuses and free products.


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