What Are the Signs of Too Much Stress?

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What Are the Signs of Too Much Stress?

Stress is one of the major causes of women’s health issues today.

Women are more stressed out than the human body can handle. Being a mother, a wife, a professional, and/or being physically fit can be very stressful. To avoid the build up of stress, we need to realize that the body does need rest and that we may need to lessen our work load or rearrange our priorities. Too much of anything can have serious negative effects. If you re-evaluate your work load and balance it a little better you reduce the stress and come to a place where your body can be manually supported so you can endure your everyday life without some of the life threatening consequences.

So what are some of the major women’s health concerns? Every day I see women who come into my office who are concerned about weight gain, thyroid problems, hormone imbalance, infertility, and cancer. Would it surprise you to know that all of these can be directly or indirectly related to stress? This is why I always recommend that every woman who seeks my help does a salivary adrenal stress test, which we offer in our office. The adrenal gland is a gland that rests on top of your kidneys and deals directly with all the stress in your life. Once the test results come back we begin to recommend interventions and treatment plans to help repair your adrenals and balance out other systems in your body that may have been pulled out of line in response to stress.

Here are a few things you can do to decrease your stress from womens health concerns. Before going to sleep lie in bed and visualize all the stressful moments of your day; a angry co worker an undisciplined child etc. Do your best to use all your senses to get you back to this moment in time. When you are back there again relive this situation with it having a funny outcome i.e. your co worker with a clown face. You should literally crack a smile or laugh then you can move to the next stress until you have visualized them all in a funny way. Next contract every muscle you can think of one at a time starting from the tip of your head and down to your feet. Contract them for two to three seconds, relax for two to three seconds and then move to the next one. Do this two to three times and then start breathing deeply, concentrating on seeing your stomach move not your chest. Once you feel your body relax and release the tension you are ready for bed shut everything of and go to sleep.

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