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Vaccinations – Children’s Health Issues

Vaccines are an extremely sensitive topic – do we immunize our children? If so, when is the best time? Please keep in mind as you read through this article, the information expressed can be refuted and proved by both sides. The information provided is not intended to lead a parent one way or the other. The sole intent of this article is to provide you with more information so that you can investigate and gain more intelligence on whether vaccines are the right choice for you and your family. Remember, your child is yours and you alone are responsible for them not your doctors. No one but you has to live with the decisions you make for your child.

There are no long-term studies that determine the negative impacts immunizations have on the human body, such as cancers, autoimmune diseases and nervous system diseases, such as Autism? However, they most definitely can be. The word “can” should be enough for parents to pause for just a second and consider the impacts of vaccinations. The best proof is to talk to a parent whose child is suffering from the effects of vaccines – their baby was normal and after their routine vaccination, the child became “different”.

The simple fact that cannot be denied is that the chemicals contained in vaccines are suspended by toxins – allergy forming and poisonous toxins that include, but are not limited to formaldehyde, mercury, aluminum, and chicken egg protein, which are extremely harmful to the human body. Amazingly enough, doctors never prescribe medication to an adult without obtaining information about the family and personal medical history. BUT, babies are administered vaccines as soon they are born. Because of the lack of intelligence on a baby’s history, it is difficult to prove that a vaccine has indeed had negative impacts on a child.

To simply summarize, there are toxic substances in vaccines. So, why are some children adversely affected by vaccines and others not? Because each child is an individual – the genetics, toxic load and organ reserve of each person is different. “Toxic load” is a term that was coined in recent years to spotlight the fact that we, as humans, are under tremendous amounts of toxins in our environment – the higher the exposure, the higher the toxic load or toxicity. This is vital, because toxic load combined with organ reserve and genetics determine how much toxicity one’s body can handle. If you have ingested or absorbed more toxins than you can detoxify, your body will be damaged and susceptible to illnesses. For example, compare a person who drinks the occasional glass of wine or beer to an alcoholic. A drink to the occasional drinker can sometimes benefit their health, while an occasional drink to an alcoholic can cause liver cancer. The same idea can be applied to the chemicals that vaccines are suspended in – too much toxins for your child’s genetic ability to detoxify will be detrimental.

Now, organ reserve is how much an organ can store vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, etc. Remember, everyone is an individual, so every organ has a different amount and speed at which they create this reserve. Think of an organ reserve as a savings account – when in financial trouble you may dip into the saving account, but if there are no funds then you may be in trouble. The same thought can be applied to your child’s organ reserve. If your child’s organ reserve is minimal, there is no safety net. Detoxification is nutrient-dependent; we use vitamins, minerals and proteins. So if a child is marginally deficient in these things coupled with a genetic predisposition of slower detoxification rate, this can cause them to be poisoned and seriously damaged by the chemicals in a vaccine.

It is very important to note that Dr. Ozzie is neither is neither for or against vaccinations. He is a believer in researching your information before making life impacting choices. His recommendations before considering vaccinations is performing blood tests for verifying nutritional status and genetic testing to determine if there are detoxification problems.

If you choose to vaccinate, find a pediatrician who is willing to changing the “schedule” of vaccinations. The schedule should be as follows:

  • Only vaccinate your child once every six months with absolutely no multiple shots in one – these are some of the most dangerous
  • Demand that the vaccines are mercury-free (these are available).
  • Do not start vaccinating your child until they are 2-years-old or older.
  • If possible, make sure your child is on breast milk. Omega 3 fish oils and multivitamins, preferably of the whole food variety, and probiotics (all of which can be found at the Functional Medicine Center) are essential in growing the organ reserve.

No institution can prohibit your child from attending school because they haven’t been vaccinated. Here are some links to websites about vaccines that I feel are very informative.

NOTE: If your child has been vaccinated and is experiencing some of the negative impacts, Dr. Ozzie specializes in child detoxification, ADD/ ADHD and developmental disorders.

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