When Davis was 6-months-old, he began to have chronic ear infections. He had two tube surgeries and removed adenoids before he was 2-years-old. Before seeing Dr. Ozzie, Davis was on Singulair for asthma and allergies, inhalers, steroids, and Benedryl. On Labor Day 2010, Davis coughed so hard he could hardly breathe. I knew the medicines weren’t working. I took Davis to Dr. Ozzie, who first ordered a saliva test. The results came back showing that Davis had dairy & egg allergies. We immediately removed dairy and eggs from Davis’ diet and began to see Dr. Ozzie regularly to remove the toxins that had built up for 2 years from all his sicknesses. Within two weeks, we saw an immediate difference in our son. He no longer coughed all night and he no longer had dark circles under his eyes. He sleeps more now than he ever has at night. It is a blessing to finally have our healthy son back!!

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