Great doctor and amazing results with my hot flashes. Most comprehensive exam I have ever had with a doctor.


Love Dr. Ozzie! He has kept me well and thriving for the past 5years! Yep...5 years! WOW!


Such an intelligent and innovative perspective on personal health and wellness. The things I have learned from Dr. Ozzie have blown away what I thought I knew about taking care of my body for the long-term.


My daughter was diagnosed with osteoporosis at 18. We saw at least 4 doctors. Dr Ozzie was very thorough. He was the first one to get to the root cause and not just treat symptoms. We attribute her bones getting stronger to him!


Absolutely love Dr Ozzie! He has helped me with my health so much in just the few short months I’ve gone to him. He is extremely knowledgeable and worth the drive from Mansfield!!