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Meet Mahealani Trepinski

Mahealani  is a well-tuned intuitive specialist to clinical and medical massage. She has been a therapist since 2004 and a integrative nutritionist since 2012. She is learning NLP (Nero Linguistic Programing) in July 2016. Her passion is to educate and help bring the body into homeostasis. She feels that with a naturally healthy body you will live a very long life without a lot of the negative issues that the average American accepts as a natural part of aging. Mahealani believes that putting the mind, body and soul in a natural healthy state it will bring the body harmony and not allow negative effect on the the body. For example, by healing the body naturally through food, proper body treatments and healing the mind of negative issues drugs interventions could be avoided. This also includes all drugs including immunizations. The result is to live a long healthy life. To have this kind of life starts in the beginning. It is never too late to start to reverse the negative issues that have already started. The sooner we start taking care of the body it could lead to a long quality of life.

Mahealani began her career in the healthcare field when she enrolled in school to become an Athletic Sports Trainer. While interning as an Athletic Sports Trainer she decided to attend EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) school due to life changing circumstances. Her passion to help people lead her to massage. With her strong belief in the art of massage and that it can naturally heal the body from negative, toxic, and harmful elements makes her a well rounded therapist. She has a heartfelt intuitive touch and uses those skills to bring you to a natural relaxed peaceful healthy state.

Mahealani graduated from Asten School of massage in August of 2004. Since graduating she has continued with her education and has accumulated over 2675 hours of schooling and training. She has been to Hawaii to study the Ancient healings of the Hawaiian way called Ancient Lomi and Huna energy work. She also has received her Masters Reiki teacher Practitioners certification, Medical Massage, Sports and Clinical Massage and a certified Massage Instructor License and CEU Provider. She has taught at ATI Massage School and teaches CEU’s in her practice. Mahealani has also had the opportunity to work on Olympians, Dallas Cowboy player, and the Who’s who of Dallas. She has studied and earned certificates for most all spa techniques and has worked in a few prestigious spas in the area. Recently she has enrolled with the Upledger Institute to become a CanioSacral & Somatic Specialist and is in the process of finishing that certification.

Mahealani attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2011 to become a Integrative Nutritionist & Health coach. She is able to help people adopt a healthier way of life through her knowledge of diet and nutrition.

You can find more information about Mahealani and her services on her website.

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