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Meet Emily Morrow

To say I am excited you found this page is an understatement. I truly believe the Lord provided me with the spiritual gift to bring others to wellness. I am a born and bred Texan, currently living in Denton, Texas and serve as a Nutritional Therapy and Integrative Health Practitioner at the Functional Medicine & Wellness Center in Flower Mound, Texas. My goal is to help others get well, lose weight and identify the root cause as to why they do not feel their best using a Functional, Holistic and Integrative approach to nutrition and medicine, paving the way for the body’s ability to heal itself.

My Website

My website was created and designed for you. I wanted to offer free information, health articles and resources, whether it be an article on my blog about how to balance hormones naturally, or a healthy quick and easy recipe, the or even the best tasting healthy coffee you can drink everyday. When I’m not seeing clients 1:1, I am creating custom protocols and free resources online for you. It truly is my passion.

Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), October 2018

As an NTP, I identify and address imbalances in the body and know how to intervene with nutrition for improving overall health and wellness through various testing and tools. I specialize in a ‘Functional Evaluation’ tool, coupled with a foundational approach to nutrition– both of which make my education through the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program more powerful and customizable than any other nutrition program available in the world.

Certified Integrative Health Practitioner, 2019

As a certified Integrative Health Practitioner (IHP) under Naturopath Dr. Stephen Cabral, I approach nutrition and healing in an even deeper way. The program taught me a great deal about Ayurvedic and functional medicine, as well as integrative health.
Mission: “As an Integrative Health Practitioner I am apart of a greater community dedicated to serving those in need. I help people get well, lose weight, and finally feel alive again. I do not suppress symptoms, but rather heal the whole person using a truly integrative approach to natural health.”

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, May 2019

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