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Unfortunately, children’s health concerns have become a very popular issue these days. More and more parents are becoming increasingly concerned with their children’s health or lack thereof. Younger kids are being placed on adult medication for diseases that have only been thought of as adult diseases, such as Type-II diabetes otherwise known as ADULT onset diabetes.

Obesity among children is now an epidemic as well as heart disease and high blood pressure, and even depression. The odds of learning disabilities are now 1 in 6; Autism is 1 in 150 and getting worse, ADD and ADHD seem to be everywhere; and childhood cancers are rapidly rising and some are being diagnosed within the first years of life. Fifty years ago none of these diseases were imaginable or even heard of in children. So what is going on and what can we do about it?

First of all we need to understand that each individual has a unique body structure and chemistry and that “one size dose not fit all”. What may be good for one person may be extremely bad for another. For example, you may have heard of a baby who has extreme colic while drinking milk, but when taken off the particular milk, the bay is completely fine, while others may thrive on that exact milk. Secondly, we have to understand that the more we change our environment, like our food supply, from its original state the more stress we place upon our body which ultimately lays the foundation for disease.

So what parents can start to do is get their children off all processed and preserved foods which is (anything that can sit in your fridge or cabinets for more than three to four weeks without spoiling). A child’s diet should not include sodas or juices made from concentrate, and anything with high fructose corn syrup which is a major contributor to insulin resistance and eventually diabetes. High fructose corn syrup has recently been discovered to contain mercury that can cause brain damage among other things. Buy as much organic free-range chicken, fish and meat as possible.

As a doctor, I find it ironic that traditional medicine is worried about pro athletes being on steroids and that it sends the wrong message, but they don’t realize that the meat, chicken and/or pork products that kids eat today has been injected with steroids, hormones and antibiotics. In my opinion, this is the reason girls are starting their menstrual cycle at an earlier age or why younger boys have the bodies of grown men. Also, the antibiotics in the food supply are transferred to us, which cause severe problems for our digestive tract. To counteract antibiotics, a good idea is to get a good source of probiotics. I recommend a dairy-free source in case you have intolerance to dairy that is unknown.

Another reason we have such a problem with childhood obesity is that most kids have a poor diet that includes fast food, sodas, and frequent snacking. Although kids eat all the time they are malnourished. The same thing applies to a lot of children who eat a more balanced diet but because it is non-organic, the food is NOT nutrient dense which also causes malnourishment too.

It is imperative that your kids do saliva testing to determine if they have a food intolerance of any kind. We offer this testing in our office it is easy and inexpensive and worth it. I encourage you and your children to eat as much raw organic fruits and vegetables as possible. Inorganic fruits and vegetables contain Herbacides and pesticides that are extremely toxic and decrease the nutritional value of food.

It is also a good idea to see a chiropractor to ensure proper movement and muscle balance which is essential for a healthy body. Kids that are more physically active are in better health than those that are not active. Imagine how much more health benefits these active kids would have if their joints and muscles were more in balance.

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