Childrens Health Issues

Childrens Health

Children’s health concerns have become a very popular issue these days. More parents are becoming increasingly concerned with their children’s health or lack thereof. Younger kids are being placed on adult medication for diseases that have only been thought of as adult diseases. Obesity among children is now an epidemic as well as heart disease and high blood pressure, and even depression. The odds of learning disabilities are now 1 in 6; Autism is 1 in 150 and getting worse, ADD and ADHD seem to be everywhere; and childhood cancers are rapidly rising and some are being diagnosed within the fi rst years of life. Fifty years ago none of these diseases were imaginable or even heard of in children. So what is going on and what can we do about it? We need to understand that each individual has a unique body structure and chemistry and that “one size dose not fi t all”. What may be good for one person may be extremely bad for another. We also need to understand that the more we change our environment, like our food supply, from its original state the more stress we place upon our body which lays the foundation
for disease. This edition of Dr. Ozzie focuses on the most common ailments seen in children today as well as the causes for dysfunction and the remedies of such dysfunction.