Vaccinations & Related Disorders

Vaccines are an extremely sensitive topic – do we immunize our children? If so, when is the best time? Please keep in mind as you read through this article, the information expressed can be refuted and proved by both sides. The information provided is not intended to lead a parent one way or the other. […]

Children’s Health Issues: Obesity

Childhood obesity has become increasingly prevalent in our nation today. Dysfunction or disease, which obesity has become, starts and ends with stress. Obesity in children stems from structural and chemical stresses, but can be attributed to mental/emotional stress as well. Kids fall and get knocked around all the time, in fact, it’s estimated that the […]

Children’s Health Issues: Ear, Nose & Throat Infections

Today, it has become “normal” that children spend most of their youth being sick with a runny nose, coughing or allergies. Parents have the mindset that it is normal for their child(ren) to be sick because they are surrounded by other children – at home, daycare, school, parks, etc. This is not true. It is […]

Children’s Health Issues: Depression

More children are depressed today and are on serious medication or in a therapy because of it. Masking this disease and living with it forever, is not the only option for your child. Dr. Ozzie of the Functional Medicine & Wellness Center focuses on determining the contributing factors to childhood depression, eliminating those  factors and […]

Functional Medicine – Asthma and Allergies

Functional Medicine practitioners realize Asthma attacks can be very stressful and a debilitating childrens health issue. Fortunately, asthma is a disease that can be managed fairly well, if not completely eliminated. At the FM&WC, we believe that suppressing the effects of asthma is not as important as determining the primary conditions that lead to an […]

Functional Medicine: Approaches for ADD/ADHD

ADD/ADHD has become far too common in children today. The temporary “cure” for ADD/ADHD is basically speed for kids. Ritalin and Adderall, the most popularly prescribed medication for ADD/ADHD, are amphetamines – legalized speed. As our kids get older, we instill the thoughts that alcohol and drugs are bad, yet by giving our kids prescribed […]

Childrens Health Issues

Children’s health concerns have become a very popular issue these days. More parents are becoming increasingly concerned with their children’s health or lack thereof. Younger kids are being placed on adult medication for diseases that have only been thought of as adult diseases. Obesity among children is now an epidemic as well as heart disease […]